All metal sculptures incorporate scavenged or cannibalized consumer and industrial materials and objects, primarily aluminum. They are assembled with steel hardware and fasteners, as well as aluminum pop rivets. Wood sculptures include various lumber and wooden objects assembled with dowels and glue. Drawings are primarily executed in ink pens, graphite, woodless or color pencils. Collage elements are occasionally employed.


Tragicomedian, Barricade, Sower, Perpetual notion machine, Guardian and Pilgrim are from the Railcar/dolly Series, works that form an amalgam of thought fragments built into traveling platforms freighted with absurdity, humor, tragedy, homage and autobiographical content.

Sower is a subtle homage to van Gogh’s paintings of the same title in the form of an 11-foot-long maple seed (winged seed or “helicopter”) built in the manner of an airfoil. It features handles, an access panel and a view port. Sower rests on its own dolly, or on the floor propped by a short pole. It also carries long poles and guy wires for temporary, fair weather outdoor display in an oblique upright stance.

Perpetual notion machine (Sisyphus machine) is an absurdly low-tech comment on the fascination and trust we place in technology. Idealism found in promises of a better future are frustrated by the reality of mankind’s tendency to settle for significantly less. Included in its construction are a whisper/ball tube, a malfunctioning solar powered thermometer and dead switches. Its main feature is a hidden ball track. The viewer can insert a ball bearing into an opening and listen to its clanking progress until it emerges at the bottom.

Guardian is a porous perimeter which can be exhibited on its dolly in travel mode, or arranged in various configurations of its 18 interlocking panels. With raised antennae to monitor approaching threats, there is a sense of refugees under siege, with scant protection behind makeshift wattle and daub barriers. Impermanence and anxiety gnaw at furtive feelings of security.

Pilgrim is a wood sculpture in the railcar/dolly series that stands on spoked carriage wheels. Subtitled One step forward, two steps back, it has a visible ball track made of three angled platforms with blocks forming a zigzag path, which carry a wood ball from the top platform to the bottom. As with Perpetual notion machine, the viewer is held captive waiting for an absurd activity to end.

Silo, though not wheeled, parallels Guardian in its suggestion of mobility and impermanence. It can be seen as a makeshift portable silage container fashioned after the bottom stage of a rocket body.

Abandoned litter is a cobbled together stretcher left behind in a mental battleground of internal conflicts.

General description

My intention is to create the effect of two conflicting forces, that which touches on the depths of despair, unsteadily balanced against anxious humor and simple joy in work. Idealism found in promises of a better future are frustrated by the reality of mankind’s tendency to settle for significantly less. These sculptures are abandoned visual props left at the end of an absurd solitary performance, susceptible to decay and multiple interpretations.